Who Am I?

As you probably gathered from the title, my name is Chris Hoadley. I am an electrical engineer that works in Corporate America.

Working there is much like what you see at Dilbert's work place. The main difference is that it is not as funny (since it is happening to me). But, I try to stay sanguine about the whole thing: it is worse at other companies, and it will probably get worse at mine too. There is no percentage in tying yourself up in knots about it.

What Do I Want?

Well, world peace would be nice for a start.

However, I don't think my little web site is going to help much in that regard. So, look on these pages as an opportunity to get to know me better. Look at some of my favourite links to get an idea of my tastes.

I would also like to not pollute the environment so much. To that end, I bought a Honda Insight in April 2003. I now can act snobby and superior to my co-workers who drive gas guzzling SUVs.  Nah, nah, nah, I am getting better gas mileage than you!!!! I always keep good records of my gas usage, so I can prove it too.

Where Am I Going?

Well, one goal that I would like to head for is to update this page more often. Right now it has precious little content. At my former ISP, I created the web page right after learning HTML, and then never updated it again. Ah well, it is hard to work all day on the computer, and then come home and work all night on the computer as well.

Mobilegeddon finally inspired me to update my page using Bootstrap. But, I still have alot to learn.

I have not gotten into all of the web stuff as much as I would like to. But here are some GIF animations that I have designed. It is tedious to make them, but they do look nice(If I do say so myself[Actually, I did say so myself.].). Ahem. I sometimes talk to myself too much. Kindly turn the other way if I start muttering to myself.


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